It's the beginning of an era, for me at least. This marks the beginning of my professional writing career, my own blog, and this marvelous website! I ask that you forgive both the brevity of this post and the unfinished nature of my page.

What's my blog about?

Since my interests vary so widely and I have a kind of "hobby A.D.D." I will be posting articles that reflect that. Curiosity burns inside the human organism, and I live a life dedicated to quenching that inexhaustible flame! This blog will consist of the results of my personal research on diverse, fascinating subjects that have broadened my understanding of the universe.

If you enjoy discovering the extraordinary explanations of ordinary phenomena, then you are going to love my blog! There is magic in the world, and it's all around us in seemingly mundane things. It isn't flashy (usually) but it is amazing and exciting. Check in regularly and you will not be disappointed.

Posted by Adam Fisher